Responsible consumption and production

Unsustainable resource use has triggered resource scarcities and contributed environmental degradation. To limit pollution resources must be used more efficiently and waste must be safely disposed.

Chemical distributors are a crucial link in the value chain between chemical producers and downstream users. Increasingly they offer less polluting or biobased substances to their customers. They support their customers with technical advice on how to use these better substances in their production processes.

Chemical distributors also help their customers develops 'high-performance' materials that are durable and easy to recycle.


Moreover, chemical distributors often enable better use of waste streams, for instance by collecting, cleaning and recycling used packaging of their products. A circular economy requires innovation and new business models. As flexible and innovative players, chemical distributors are well-positioned for these new opportunities.

In order to ensure a responsible production process, safety must be ensured at every step in the value chain. Chemical distributors pay close attention to safety when storing, blending, repackaging and transporting the chemicals. They also pay attention to the safety situation at their own suppliers and customers. New customers may be subjected to an audit before chemicals are delivered there. Drivers working for chemical distributors may refuse to deliver the chemicals if they believe that the safety provisions at a customer are not up to standard. In order to continuously improve their performance, the chemical distribution industry has set up the Responsible Care/ Responsible Distribution program. To read more on this, click here.

Other goals: