Decent work and economic growth

Almost half of the world’s population has US$ 2 a day to spend. Moreover, global unemployment amounted to over 200 million people in 2017 . The creation of more stable quality jobs stimulates the economy and results in sustainable economic growth. 

The international chemical industry employs more than 20 million people worldwide. It also contributes enormously to economic growth; it is for instance responsible for 1.1 per cent of the European Union’s GDP.

Chemical distributors are a vital player to create this economic growth. They provide bulk and specialty chemicals to customers in fragmented and non-transparent markets.

By reaching new customers and entering new markets, chemical distributors expand the chemical market and help manufacturers produce better products more efficiently. They help their customers with substitution of inefficient or dangerous substances, technical expertise, finance, help with customs and other legal requirements and safe transport and storage. This contributes to the total worldwide economic growth. ICTA national association members together employ more than 70.000 people.

Other goals: