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ICTA explains its goals at Indian chemical conference

ICTA explains its goals at Indian chemical conference
Last year ICTA signed an memorandum of understanding with the Indian Chemical Council. Both organizations agreed to work together to support the Indian chemical distribution market and drive improvements in health, safety, security and environment along the supply chain.

The first result of the agreement was that Mr. Robert Stuyt gave a presentation at the India Chemical Industry Outlook Conference in Mumbai. At the conference there were hundreds of participants from international  
(Arkema, BASF, Covestro, etc.) and national (NITI Aayog, Reliance, TATA, etc.) companies, as well as consultants (McKinsey, Accenture) and government officials (India, UK).

During his talk Mr. Stuyt introduced ICTA and emphasized the importance of the chemical distribution industry to the mostly chemical manufacturing companies that were present. He explained specifically what the added value of chemical distributors can be in upcoming markets such as India. The relevance of RC/RD to the Indian market and the concept of supply chain responsibility were other key topics.

ICTA and ICC will jointly determine the next steps to further shape this cooperation. It is the goal of ICTA to provide an opening for its members to the fast-growing Indian chemicals market as well as its manufacturing capabilities. At the same time ICTA hopes to help the Indian chemical distribution market to deal with challenges relating to safe working conditions and environmental pollution more effectively.