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ICTA opens door for cooperation with Indian chemical industry

ICTA opens door for cooperation with Indian chemical industry
With one of the largest chemical production industries worldwide and a fast growing home market, India is increasingly interesting for ICTA members. At the same time, the Indian chemical distribution market faces challenges relating to safe working conditions, corruption and environmental pollution.

In order to help its members to be successful on the Indian market, ICTA has signed a formal agreement of cooperation with the Indian Chemical Council (ICC). In the agreement, both parties have expressed their commitment to jointly drive improvements in health, safety, product stewardship, security and environmental impacts of chemical products along the supply chain. They will also coordinate their positions when representing the interests of the global chemical distribution industry.

This year Robert Stuyt presented at the ICC Annual Conference on the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. Next year he will give another presentation to introduce ICTA and its members. ICTA and ICC will jointly determine in the coming months on how to further shape this cooperation.

The ICC was established in 1938 and is dedicated to the growth and promotion of both the chemical production and the chemical distribution industry in India. It already cooperates with ICCA on Responsible Care, which it considers as imperative for sustained growth of business in India. ICC has successfully started the Nicer Globe initiative, which helps chemical distributors in India to transport their goods safely and securely.