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ICTA endorses Hague Guidelines

ICTA endorses Hague Guidelines
Chemicals are essential to our lives and welfare. Yet, if misused chemicals can cause significant damage to people and the environment. To promote responsible use of chemicals, a set of guidelines has been developed by a group of chemical practitioners from around the world. These guidelines are known as the Hague Ethical Guidelines, named after the city where the meetings of the practitioners took place.
The Guidelines have been developed at OPCW’s initiative in a collaborative effort with academia and chemical industry representatives. They focus not only on chemical security, but cover all relevant ethical aspects, including safety, sustainability, education and training, and exchange of information. See here for more info and read here the news article. The Hague Ethical Guidelines are informed by amongst others the Chemical Weapons Convention.
ICTA believes that the Hague Ethical Guidelines are valuable to the chemical community. It notes that there is a clear directional overlap between the Guidelines and the ICTA Responsible Care/ Responsible Distribution programs. ICTA has therefore endorsed the Guidelines and will stimulate the awareness of and adherence to the Hague Ethical Guidelines by all relevant chemical actors, in particular the chemical distribution industry. The ICTA Transport and Security Committee will discuss relevant developments and undertake projects when necessary. If you would like to join, please contact the ICTA secretariat.